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Strawberry Field Gardens

Fort Collins, CO
Edible Landscape Consultant
Meet Amelia


  • 1 on 1 to address your garden needs. Planning, learning & advice.
    1 hr
    150 US dollars
  • Let me take care of your dream garden from start to finish.
    1 hr
    Starting at $200
  • Take the guesswork out of the who, what, where and when of planting.
    1 hr
    Starting at $75
  • Consultation, custom plans and coaching.
    1 hr
    Starting at $250
  • Let me help waken up your garden and prepare it for spring success.
    1 hr
    Starting at $50
  • Personalized garden care.
    2 hr
    Starting at $200
  • Let's meet at the garden center & I will help you select plants.
    1 hr
    Starting at $100
  • Let me put your garden to rest & prepare it for spring success.
    1 hr
    Starting at $95
Why Naturopathy

Why Work With a Garden Coach?

Image by Benigno Hoyuela
Garden Education

You will have a chance to gain expert knowledge. I have worked in plant nurseries, studied at the Denver Botanic Gardens as well as Denver Urban Gardens. 

Edible Landscaping

There are many ways you can integrate edible foods into your landscape, even in the smallest of spaces. I will also help you think outside of planting in a raised bed to utilizing your space in new ways. 

Problem Solving

Unsure of what to do in your unique space? Challenges with access to water, tough soil and small spaces can all be worked through with some creative thinking and expert knowledge.

Garden Design

One of the things holding future gardeners back is not knowing where to plant things or how to do it. That is where a garden coach comes in. Together we will create a garden design that works for you and your lifestyle. 

Garden Maintenance

Just looking to reap the harvest and no time to sow or care for the garden? Put this task into our hands. 

Seasonal Care

Spring and fall cleanup and fertilization are important to a healthy ecosystem in your garden. Let me come in and support you in covering this area so you can just plant and play. 


Working with Cortney was a wonderful experience from start to finish. She is so knowledgeable and has the creative spirit to inspire beautiful design.  She transformed lifeless garden beds into an inviting front entry way and a serene backyard outdoor living space.  I would recommend her to anyone looking to beautify their yards!  

— Rory


Meet Cortney Kern

Edible Garden Coach

Gardening is something that found me at a young age. When the world seemed chaotic, I found hope, I found joy and I found wonder in the garden. This passion overtime has taken me to living in a farming community in rural Morocco to working as a Community Master Gardener in Colorado. 

For the past eight years I have been turning my urban lot into an edible oasis. We tore out our driveway and replaced it with fruit trees, herbs and a large strawberry patch. Growing food for my family has been a great learning tool for my children and a joyful conversation starter with my neighbors. I now grow an excess that I can provide to others.

Helping family and friends get their gardens started has brought me much happiness as I help more people provide quality food for their families and connect them with the beauty and gifts nature holds. 

This is why I decided to start Strawberry Field Gardens to help more people bring these gifts to their homes.


Often we get started and feel unsure of what to do. That is what I am here for. If you are just beginning I can help walk you through step by step on what to do. If you have some experience but want to learn more or go deeper with what you can do on your property, I can guide you.

I practice nature led gardening that focuses on working with the land. I utilize organic gardening methods, planting water wise plants and natives when possible. By working in harmony nature we help to create a more balanced ecosystem that benefits our planet.

I am a great fit for you if you are looking to expand your knowledge of what food you can grow for your family and if you care about the stewardship of our planet.


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2890 N Raleigh Denver, CO 80212

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